Petition calling for law to change & increase sentences for dangerous drivers.

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On Sunday 24th July 2016, at 02:20 am, Bury road, Rochdale, Chloe Cockton was involved in a car accident that tragically snatched her life, at just the age of 16.

Micheal Bowker, who was charged 6 years, 6 months plus a 57 month driving ban when released, admitted causing the death of Chloe, through dangerous driving.

Bowker in his Renault Clio, was setting a personal record of speeds reaching up to 80mph, driving on the wrong side of the road and over taking cars. Tragically as he reached Bury road he lost control, his car clipping the kerb, causing the car to flip, crashing into the barrier.

This isn’t the first incident recorded on this same stretch of road, in which a driver has caused death by dangerous driving.

Tragically in November 2014, Joseph Brown- Larley, lost his life further up Bury road, When Addil Haroon, jumped a red light at the speed of 80pmh , which tragically ploughed into Joseph’s car, splitting it into two halves, causing instant death. Mr Haroon was also sentenced to 6 years for death by dangerous driving.

please sign and support this petition, we need to try and make a change in the law, for sentences that fit the crime.