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Kyle and Jackie O Apologise for your Racially Motivated Prank called "Wong Number".

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in the last 24 hours, on the next predictable episode of ‘How Desperate Can Commercial Radio Go’? it appears that Australia’s self-appointed national humour merchants, Kyle and Jackie O, have allowed their newest low in morning radio entertainment to slip by unnoticed, hoping that Asian listeners will quietly brush this off like water off a Peking Duck's back"

The Wong Number– obviously a play on the words The Wrong Number, was a segment they played on their show yesterday (Tuesday 5th April 2016).

The purpose was pretty much about confusing Chinese takeaway stores when ordering on the phone. Their main motivation was to humiliate hard working mum and dad businesses for the sake of improving their ratings at the expense of a few cheap laughs and jokes about being Chinese.

At this point I would like to make a disclaimer – if you decide to read on beware of suffering symptoms of angst, frustration and rage. So please make your decision wisely as I give you a moment by moment rundown of what actually happened in the segment. So the story goes….

Jackie O called Chinese Takeaway shop 1, and ordered around $120 worth of food. After she made the order she told shop 1’s worker over the phone to wait for a few minutes to get the order from her husband and puts shop 1 on hold. She then dials the number of another Chinese Takeaway, let’s call it shop 2 and asks the worker in shop 2 to hold as she gets her husband on the line to order. She returns back to the call of shop 1 and asks the worker to repeat the order and as she does that she puts the call of shop 2 on the same line so both shops are speaking together thinking that the call they are taking are customers wanting to order.

Here is a clip taken from their podcast:

What do we want? Well it’s pretty simple. As a mark of normal human decency, we are seeking a formal apology to be made on the air and to the Chinese takeaway stores by both Kyle and Jackie O. Secondly to ensure the Wong Number segment is canned for good. I think for these hosts to lose face will hopefully teach them a lesson that racially motivated jokes such as these are not acceptable.

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