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Stop BBC Bias

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The BBC reporting bias has reached a ridiculous level! The national channel (BBC) which we pay for is being used as propaganda for the current government - this is not what we intended our money to be used for!
I want to force the BBC to face up to, and admit to, their biased reporting.

News reports on Jeremy Corbyn are extremely biased and many reports include facts that are totally incorrect - such as reports on the Labour 2017 manifesto.

In contrast to this, Theresa May is faced with a much different kind of media coverage. It is a fact that her parties manifesto did not experience the level of scrutiny as the opposition party and this is unjust and unfair.

I am calling on the BBC to face up to their bias and apologize to the public for misinforming them.

We deserve, as a nation, to receive unbiased, fair and factually accurate news reports. It is clear that we do not have this system of media coverage in our country.

The BBC have been against Jeremy Corbyn since his appointment, and this has been reflected in their news reports on him - with over half of all reports on Corbyn having negative impacts on a viewers opinion of him!

It is important for us to have balanced news reports. Selective reporting and media bias can lead to viewers developing a specific opinion towards certain leaders and parties.
This is immoral and wrong!

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