BBC: stop mollycoddling morally muddled ideologues

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Junior Campbell
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The BBC is widely viewed as a bastion of anti-religious and other ideological bigotry and bullying.

And it seems apparent that the bankrupt or muddled morality of key BBC personnel clouds their judgement, leading them to, on one hand mollycoddle, placate and otherwise encourage fundamentalist atheist, Christian, Islamic, Socialist, Capitalist, Aryan and African supremacist and other potentially mind poisoning propagandists, and on the other, bully and suppress opinions which don't fit the 'templates' they are pre-programmed to expect and engage with.

Andrew Marr's obsequious entertaining of Richard Dawkins' fundamentalist, evangelical atheist semantic quackery during the July 3rd 2017 broadcast of "Start the Week" is evidence of this systemic dilemma besetting the BBC, and wider British society to a significant extent.

So too was Jenni Murray's refusal to address hard questions British-Barbadian media executive Karen Blackett raised about the symbolism of the 'Union Jack' in Britain's EU referendum campaign, during the June 30th edition of Woman's Hour.

The routine, rudimentary identification of Greek culture as the historical birthplace of philosophical reason is also reminiscent of the 'atmosphere of fear' derived, glaucoma-like group think that made the BBC's premises a lair for conscienceless sexual predators like Jimmy Savile and Stuart Hall to lure unsuspecting victims.

It seems apparent that the BBC's 'atmosphere of fear', identified by Dame Janet Smith during her inquiry into the Savile scandal, is part of an ethical and intellectual fog that some BBC "talent" seem bent on foisting on British citizens and residents.

The threats that the persistence of this cognitively cowardly, binary bullying, cynical celebrity shielding culture pose to British democracy, education and cultural cohesion are indicated by the 2013 suicide of BBC announcer Russell Joslin and the anonymity and apparent impunity that the female colleague who allegedly bullied him enjoys.

BBC license fee payers and the wider public deserve better.

A rigorous auditing of the BBC's knowledge bank and its opinion shaping is urgently required.

Much that the BBC offers can be described as character rich, authentic content.

But there is also much that seems a caricature of basic, broad, license fee payers' lived experience.

Recently released information about Marr's and other BBC Stars' salaries certainly suggests that they may be out of touch with the average British citizen's and resident's value system.