Catherine King STOP ADANI

Catherine King STOP ADANI

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Tony Goodfellow
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If you are a Ballarat resident tell Catherine King to get off the fence and STOP ADANI by signing the petition.

According to the Climate Council “If the Galilee Basin were a country on its own, it would emit more than 1.3 times Australia’s current annual emissions from all sources and rank in the top 15 emitting countries in the world.” Also ‘Medical experts say lending to Adani is the same as supporting big tobacco.'

This is why we must stop Adani.

Catherine King is Ballarat's federal representative in Canberra. She is the Shadow Health Minister which means that she'll likely be a part of the future Labor Government, in charge of health, after the election. The health impacts of climate change are massive and well known and she would rather no one scrutinises her weak policy position.

Catherine King can use her platform to criticise Adani and help change Labor's policy of allowing it to go ahead. She can use her vote to support measures to stop Adani. 

Before the 1983 election Bob Hawke promised that “A Labor Government will use all the powers at ours disposal to ensure that the dam is not proceeded with....” There's many ways Labor can still stop Adani like the Franklin that was already being constructed when Bob Hawkes government stopped it.

Please sign the petition to put pressure on Catherine King to stop Adani.

Kind Regards,

Tony, on behalf of the Ballarat Climate Action Network

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