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I really hope that malaysian armys can get a chance to see their performances. Since you've been giving us the ideas of bringing bts to malaysia for the Tahun Melawat Malaysia 2020, im very sure that we can promote malaysia to world.

Almost every people knows how bts's popularities and this can make malaysia's economic state grew.

Yes, some people has been saying that why not make malaysian's artist, to do the performance for the tahun melawat malaysia 2020, but as you can see.

We want to PROMOTO MALAYSIA TO THE WHOLE WORLD. And i dont think many people from other country will flew across the globe to see malaysian artist who they barely knows or recognize to make a performance.

And I SUGGEST that we make TAHUN MELAWAT MALASYSIA 2020, by making its some kind of 3 days festival. One day for a bts performances, and for the next 2 days, we can continue it as the tahun melawat malaysia with the locals artist performance, festivals and malaysians culture because literally, for the people who flew across the globe to see bts, they will eventually end up staying in malaysia for a couple days before they flew back to their own country, right? I hope you can consider my suggestions to bring bts to malaysia.

Ive been wanting to watch their performance since their debut years and i hope next year will be the year that i can see them. Bts are not only  wrote music. They wrote dreams and inspire people. They are family. And ive never seen a boyband who make this far , while years ago, they just give free tickets on the street so people can go to their concert.

If we can have girlgroup(s) sexily dancing on stage in malaysia, why cant we have the biggest korean boyband, BTS to perform in malaysia? (*read in sarcastic tone please*)

Thank you.�

For my beloved malaysian armys.

Thankyou for the love and support that you give the boys. Thanks for being their home. 



Please consider my suggestions��