Help Us Change Working Conditions at Diversey

Help Us Change Working Conditions at Diversey

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Started by M S

Since 2017, when our company Diversey was acquired by Bain Capital, we the employees have lived in a completely unstable, immoral and toxic environment created by private equity pirates that seek nothing less than to use the company as a vehicle to make Bain and the "leadership" here, rich.

Our day to day environment consists of complete mismanagement, contradictory instructions, random firings, consistent layoffs, expenses going unpaid for months, and random cruelties, like disciplining people for getting up from their desks. Women aren't safe here. Casual racism is accepted.

Our day to day working lives feel part "Office Space" and part "The Jungle". We work, quite literally, in fear for our livelihoods each day.

At Diversey, people are not valued. Our Indian offices simply do not treat people like humans, there are very real human rights abuses going on. Our Chinese offices are somehow worse. In short, each and every one of our offices is not a safe place to work.

Please help us by signing the petition, so we can take this to our "leadership" and any local, state and federal politicians who will listen. 

Here's a sample of our lives at Diversey



40 have signed. Let’s get to 50!