Ban Plastic Straws in Wisconsin

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     Over 8 million tons of plastic enters the ocean each year, and plastic straws make up 4% of it. Straws are convenient, but are they really worth it?
     Not only can plastic hurt animals, it can also affect human health. When plastic breaks down, it does not completely decompose like natural materials. When these tiny pieces of plastic get into the ocean, fish accidentally eat them. When humans eat these fish, they too are eating the plastic microbeads. Another effect on our health is when plastics are burned in the open air. While burning, poisonous chemicals are released into the air. This leads to air pollution. We can also be affected by our waste, not just sea life.
     Most people will grab a straw without a second thought, but if you stop and think, you will realize that they can be replaced with much more environmentally friendly options.

What you can do to help:
     People can purchase reusable straws such as glass straws, steel straws, bamboo straws, straw straws (made of hay), and even paper straws. We know it’s a lot to ask to carry them around everywhere, but even refusing a straw at a restaurant would help. Another thing that would help a tremendous amount is sharing this petition, or writing letters to the governor, senates, and representatives of Wisconsin.

About us:
     Our names are Laurel and Maggie. We are both 12 years old and we attend school in Wisconsin. We have researched plastic straws and have realized that they are a big problem with an easy solution. We need to do something about that, and raise awareness for plastic straw pollution. Our goal is to ban plastic straws in Wisconsin, or at least put a tax on them. #stopsucking #suckless