Please, Please, Please Dear God, Do Not Let Amarillo Do This!

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On June 27, 2017 it was announced that affiliated minor league baseball was returning to Amarillo, TX for the first time in 35 years. The San Antonio Missions were being moved north to Amarillo and the city would build a new baseball complex to welcome them home. Instead of independent league and semi-pro sports, Amarillo was finally becoming a professional sports town. 

Then, on May 30, 2018 it came to a massive screeching halt. After much excitement and anticipation, the Amarillo Professional Baseball ownership announced 5 finalists for the official team name for this new franchise. It was met with the loudest chorus of boos ever levied upon a sports franchise. Instead of exciting and aggressive team names, ideas such as "Jerky", "Sod Poodles", and "Long Haulers" was suggested. On Facebook, Twitter, and every message board that announced the 5 suggestions, every single reaction was extremely negative. The ownership group laid a complete egg on these suggestions. It is a common joke, "What is a Camel? It is a horse designed and built by committee." Well, that can be the only explanation for how awful these team names were...they were selected by a committee of aloof and disconnected entities with no sensibilities for sports fans nor the people of Amarillo.

With this petition, the signors of this document ask Tony Ensor and the Amarillo Professional Baseball to either consult with a real sports marketing group to come up with real suggestions that will be accepted by the Amarillo populace, reopen the consideration for team names, or simply use the 5 suggestions listed below and have the fans of Amarillo vote on them instead:

1. Twisters - Located in Tornado Alley, this makes absolute sense for Amarillo
2. Hail Storm - Similarly, anyone who has lived in the city for any amount of time has experienced this first hand
3. Prairie Dogs - Instead of some archaic nickname for these creatures, call them what the people of the city know them by. 
4. Isotopes - Pop culture references abound and with Pantex as the largest employer in Amarillo, a nod to the nuclear community makes sense here
5. Bomb Squad - Another nod to the largest nuclear disarming plant in the country. Amarillo is often referred to as "Bomb City"

We beg Mr Ensor to please, for the love of all that is sacred, do NOT accept the names that were published on May 30, 2018. Amarillo has already endured a public shaming at the hands of our baseball team with the Gold Sox mascot fiasco. Do not allow a second occurrence of an embarrassing event occur at the hands of Amarillo Baseball. 

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