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Even Inmates should Have Choices

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  • It was just brought to my attention that if a person goes to jail and this is in (Tennessee) that they are aloud 5 pairs of white socks and thermals. Now they can either buy them off commissary which is expensive. $6 a shirt another $6 for the pants. Now you could get all 5 pairs the inmate is allowed for just a few dollars more at the Dollar General Store. Now the other option which a friend of mine tried doing is to bring in the items there self. But here's the kicker they have to wear all 5 pairs in at one time. Really¡!!!! Who is going to be able to wear 5 pairs of thermals and socks at one time just to be able to stay warm in jail.  Now I understand that inmates are there because they broke the law. But they are still Human, and should be able to keep them self's warm. But many of them are not being let to do that. Because they are not being told that they have to wear in the items. So when they arrive to jail to turn them self's in they are not allowed to bring in these items unless they are wearing them. This needs to change. Unless you have been to jail already the average person would not know about this rule. Something has to be done about the way these places are ran. I took my Better Half her medication that she really needs to the jail. She has been asking for it everyday since. They haven't not one time gave it to her. The staff just keep saying they will look into it. Well finally they told her that they lost her perscription. Now I know that there has to be some kind of system in place that keeps track of the inmates medicine. They told her however that there was nothing they could do and she would just have to wait till next month until it was time for a refill. She has to have her medication and can't wait. It's absolutely apoling that an Instatution like the Washington County TN Detention Center can do something like this and think that it's NO BIG DEAL. Someone has to do something about the way these places are ran.

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