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Fuck off Tony Blair

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Tony Blair is a rat faced twat who lied to the country, brought Thatcher-ism into the twenty first century and got Britain involved in an illegal war which has cost Millions of Iraqi lives.

Instead of facing up to his mistakes like a man, the posh schoolboy prick quit his job and started whoring himself out as a public speaker to some of the most brutal and oppressive regimes around the world, leaving the rest of the country to make sense of the mess he made.

Now he has the nerve to come back, attack and undermine Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party, during a crucial and divisive election campaign. Not only that, but he has threatened to make a grand return to politics.

Seeing as we are incapable of putting him in prison where he and all the other corrupt and lying politicians who have followed in his footsteps belong, I think its in the public's best interest to give him a very large and very public middle finger.

I don't care where he goes, just so long as its far away. Maybe he can kick back and relax with his chums in the Saudi regime. No Chilcot Report there

Lastly I would just like to say, personally to Mr Tony Blair

Will you please, fuck off and never come back. Leave us alone. You've done enough damage already.

God save the Queen


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