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Stop the removal of the right to work for parents (by the removal of the childcare rebate and childcare benefits for those who have no other options) who choose not to vaccinate their children

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It is a human right that parents should be able to choose whether or not to medicate their children without financial governmental coercion (medications including vaccines). This action by the Australian government would be in violation of the Australian governments own human rights and non-discrimination policy and against medical codes of ethics that stipulate non-coercion and consent.

By removing the childcare rebate and childcare benefits from those who choose not to vaccinate their children,The Australian Government are effectively making vaccination mandatory by getting rid of the right to refuse vaccination for poor people by making them unable to afford to buy food and clothing and essentially be able to live if they refuse pharmaceutical medication (vaccination).

They are effectively making vaccination mandatory for the average poor struggling working class person in Australia because "Conscientious objectors" (those who declined vaccination due to their own personal beliefs and research) are effectively no longer able to say no to vaccination if they have children and want the right to be able to work or the right to live (read have enough money to live) in Australia.

This action by the Australian government is a gross abuse of human rights!

I am pro-choice. People should have the right to choose whether or not to medicate their children with vaccinations or any other drugs or pharmaceutical products and this should be without financial coercion. 

This is especially significant when the facts are that some people either die or are permanently disabled from vaccinations in Australia and internationally.

Parents no longer get to make a real choice whether to medicate their children with vaccination or not, because for some people if they choose not to vaccinate they will not have enough income to feed/clothe/and house their children.

It is a human right for parents to be able to choose without coercion whether or not to medicate their children and this includes medication like vaccines.

Even if you choose to vaccinate your children and are pro-vaccination you have to understand that this is a slippery slope and it is setting a precedent of government control over private citizens, their bodies, and their children, that should not be allowed to go unchecked.

Parents need to be able to weigh up the benefit or risk themselves and make that decision for their children. If a medicine has risks involved in taking it (which is most/all medicines) you should be able to decide whether or not you give it to your child.

The government now medicates your children if you are poor effectively without your consent (if you cannot afford to live without childcare rebates, which is a significant proportion of Australians with children- only the wealthy or those in obscure religions are excepted). 

It is discriminatory directly targeting parents with children but most especially it will effect women with children who need to work to earn their living. It will have a very oppressive effect on poor people and low income earners, women who need to work to earn their living and to atheists who have their own very strong belief systems.

Tony Abbott the Prime Minister, who has made himself the Minister for Women, and a man with three daughters leads this government that is now directly targeting low income and poor Australian families and most particularly women (women being forming the majority of primary caregivers of their children in Australia) to.  

This government now seeks to ostracise those who choose not to vaccinate their children with this financially coercive measure to attempt to medicate children against their parents wishes (by vaccination). 

Threatening these women's human rights by coercing them to medicate (with vaccinations) their children for money he must be aware many of them cannot afford to refuse lest they let their children go hungry.

This government is attempting to ostracise and humiliate people who choose not to vaccinate (in direct contradiction to their own non-discrimination and human rights policy) by financial penalty and exclusion. This is in contradiction of the Australian Government's human rights policy and non-discrimination policy. The right to not be discriminated against on the basis of sex (women being the major care givers, this change unfairly targets them) and it targets children ("no jab, no pay, no play").

So Tony Abbott and Scott Morrision are now ostracising children. This is in contradiction to their own policy. This advertising campaign "No Jab, No Pay, No Play" should be removed and an apology written to the women and children of Australia for it's offensive and outrageous content. This is an affront to human decency and attack on women and children designed to divide the public and turn people against each other on this contentious issue. Please withdraw this advertisement ("No Jab, No Play, No pay") and for your own sake it makes your government lose credibility and is an embarrassment for the Australian people that you in representation of all the people of Australia (yes Scott Morrison that includes women and children regardless of their choice not to medicate their children) are doing this in our name as Australians. It is an outrage to thousands of people and should be withdrawn immediately.

This government would also be in direct contradiction of their own policy on informed consent without coercion in regards to this financial coercion aimed at people choosing not to vaccinate.

Incidentally this new government decision is also some may argue in contradiction of the Nuremberg Code:

Tony Abbott, Scott Morrision I have included a link for you in case you needed to do your homework, but this code (developed after Nazi's forced medications upon citizens against their will) was a set of ethics developed WW2 in an attempt to prevent some of the evils of the Nazi's government from happening again. Tony, Scott Morrision, please do not lead Australia down this path. Whatever your beliefs about vaccinations it is unethical and reminiscent of Nazi Germany to force upon or coerce people to take medications or pharmaceuticals (including vaccines of any kind) against their will and without clear and uncoerced consent. Let's be clear, this is financial coercion of a kind many Australians will not be in a position to say no to.

I did not vote for this. Please share this petition because even if you believe in vaccination for your own children, you don't have the right to make that decision for other people and you should support the rights of all parents to be able to make the decision whether or not to medicate their own children with vaccines or not without it impacting their ability to work and earn money for their family or their ability to clothe and feed their children.

Tony Abbott as for you stating in a public forum that you wouldn't want your children going to daycare with unvaccinated children, that is an outrageous comment and you should be ashamed of it. If children (both vaccinated or unvaccinated) are sick they should stay at home during that time from daycare. Your statement is a threat to the well-being and social inclusion of vulnerable women and children and in your position of power- this is what you choose to do? Shame on you on attempting to isolate and divide vulnerable people.

This will decrease the amount of workforce participation that this government has been saying needs to increase and therefore will not benefit the Australian people. Australia needs to increase it's workforce participation rates according to the Government's own inter-generational report. Denying people childcare is essentially denying people the right to work and to contribute tax dollars to support our nation. These hard working people have like any other Australian contributed to paying our taxes and to productivity and this should not be denied to these people on grounds of gross discrimination which violates their human rights.

Meanwhile Australia already has an exceptionally high rate of vaccination at 97% and this fear mongering targeting vulnerable people and trying to divide people cause backlash and isolation of women and children is scandalous and must be stopped.

We as the people of this nation have to stay united in the face of excessive use of power and control over personal bodily sovereignty. If this government gets away with this level of unethical force and control over poor people, you can bet everyone else will be next including the wealthy and on issues that are important to you.

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