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When you work unsociable hours and miss out on time with family and friends, you deserve to be compensated -- that's why penalty rates exist. And they're an essential part of many workers' take-home pay that, if cut, would make life pretty difficult.

But here's the worrying truth, plain and simple: Tony Abbott is on the record supporting the elimination of penalty rates.

We know he's hearing the demands of big business loud and clear who are pushing him to make eliminating penalty rates a priority of his government should he be elected. But it doesn't have to be if enough of us demand penalty rates be protected.

Sign below to tell Tony Abbott: it’s only fair that when we have to work nights and weekends we are compensated fairly.

Letter to
Tony Abbott, Leader of the Opposition
Penalty rates are an important work right that many previous generations of union members have fought for, and that many Australians today rely on and deserve -- and we won't let them go without a fight. After all, when we work outside regular hours, we’re missing out on time with our families and friends, so it's not unreasonable to get paid a little extra.

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