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I've lost both my parents to suicide. My mother in feb 2010 and my father in Nov 2012. My mother never seeked help for her mental illness and unfortunately her death couldn't have been prevented . My father Shane did . This is for my parents , for all Aussies battling mental illness , for the families and for those that work in the mental health system . My father was hospitalised at Nepean hospital twice after two seperate attempts at ending his life . After he left the hospital only weeks later a family friend had taken dad back up because we were all worried for him and his well being . The hospital did not see that he was a threat to himself or others and he was sent home hours later . A counsellor was then assigned and only seen him a handful of times and had told me that he was better and she couldn't see him from a professional view ever harming himself again. A week later dad had passed . My plea is to the Goverment to please give the mental health system a big funding boost so people like my father don't fall through the health system . For more awareness so those like my mum can get the help they need without been ashamed. I am aware that funding has gone into the mental health system and new facility at nepean hospital has been built but more needs to be done and that includes funding mental health system beyond the year 2015. By 2027 nearly 9000 more mental health professionals will be needed which will cost Australia 9 billion and even with the extra funding now it still may leave 1 out 3 Australians with mental health problems going without help and support. I beg that more is done so no family goes through what my family has and is going through . More to be done so those that need help get help and get ongoing help even after leaving the hospital. Please Tony Abbott I beg that more is done so there's more awareness and more funding put towards the mental health system . I'm only 22 and I don't have my parents any more due to mental illness and I do not want anyone else to go through what I'm going through . So I ask that all Australians please support me by signing the petition . If you or someone you love is experiencing suicidal thoughts please call 13 11 14 immediately or if you are in a life  threatening situation call 000. Jessica 

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