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Immediately establish a federal anti-corruption watchdog

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Dodgy lobbyist deals, slush funds, corruption – our politics is a mess. But disturbingly, it could just be the tip of the iceberg because we still don't have a federal anti-corruption body that can investigate it all.

Media reports say our political donations system is "riddled with loopholes, rorts and corruption - and state and federal election authorities are powerless to do anything".

This is ridiculous. There should be honesty and decency in politics, so we can trust those who are meant to represent us. Enough with the excuses for dishonest, dodgy politics. 

Experts and independent politicians have been calling for a federal ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) as a national anti-corruption watchdog for years. But everytime it's raised, Labor and Liberals both shy away from the debate. In Queensland, Campbell Newman is even looking to weaken their anti-corruption body.

Tony Abbott can end this rotten cycle. Just after being elected he said that he's "determined to ensure that as far as the new Coalition government in Canberra is concerned that not only is it clean and fair but it's seen to be clean and fair." – now it's time for him to show that leadership.

Immediately establishing a federal anti-corruption watchdog would show us the Prime Minister is serious about returning honesty and integrity to politics.

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