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Mini Pigs are NOT livestock!

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I have been a resident in Troutdale for 14 years. I have two mini-pigs that I raised from a very young age. They are both 1 and a half years old now.  Before I purchased them, I checked with the Multnomah County coding department. They allow a person to own 3 mini pigs that they consider pets. They have no problem with me having them at all. High winds caused my fence to blow down when I was not home. The pigs were out in my yard grazing and decided to take a walk around to the front of the house. It was garbage day and the next door neighbor saw them out. Their noses led them to the garbage and they knocked it over. He called the city and reported pigs were running loose and trashing the neighborhood, which was not true.  I got home in  half an hour and they were playing with other neighbors.

Soon, I received a letter from the City of Troutdale about this complaint and they demand I now remove my household pets from my property. They gave me 10 days in which to do this. No one has had any problem with them here. Troutdale says they are livestock and zoning says I have to have two acres to keep livestock. They are in the house most of the time and sleep in the house. They are my companions. I am retired and home most all the time with them. These pigs are bonded to me. They are like small dogs and very smart. They have good vet care and an excellent diet. I need to have the city of Troutdale make mini pigs exempt from their livestock zoning rules. The county and city should have the same laws. This is causing me extreme stress over what may happen to them if the city takes them. Mini-pigs have very strong feelings. They grieve over the loss of a pet or a family member in their home. This is causing me extreme stress over what may happen to them if the city takes them.

Right now I have a 30 day extension to the letter I received demanding I must remove my two mini-pigs, which are house pets, from my property. I am trying to gather more information to meet with the City of Troutdale to make them realize these pigs are pets and not livestock. They do not have a clear definition regarding mini-pigs in their zoning rules at this time. It is my hope that. with this petition, they will not only allow me to keep my pet pigs but also create an understandable zoning code specifically for pigs. This is to determine which pigs are considered livestock and which are house pets. 

Your signature on this petition can be of great help letting the CIty of Troutdale know how it's residents feel about house pets. Thank you for taking your time to read and sign. 



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