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Tom Steyer: Please Use Your Money to Buy Media Outlets!

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Right wing groups and billionaires are buying up media outlets, and are threatening to turn the media landscape into an alt-right paradise.

Sinclair Broadcasting is buying up local television stations

The Koch Brothers are buying TIME magazine

People from far-right groups like the Claremont Institute are being installed as heads of free weekly papers, after conservative investors buy them.

Thus far, not one progressive group of investors has moved to combat these media purchases.  It is getting close to being too late!

One man has billions of dollars, and isn't afraid to spend it: Tom Steyer.  While we appreciate his ads on impeachment, we urge him to put some of his billions into purchasing media outlets, to combat the conservative takeover of our airwaves and papers.

We need honest media, not necessarily liberal or progressive media.  Tom Steyer should buy up outlets and ensure they stay committed to solid reporting on the truth, and not fall prey to conservative fake news.

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