Let Mr​.​Cuneo keep his job

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Mr. Cuneo is an intermediate school school teacher  in Toms river every year he has an activity for students to understand how slaves lived on the boats during  the slave trade and on the plantations I had him 2 years ago we laided on the floor which HAD PREVIOUSLY BEEN SWEPT and we played close together so simulate us being on a slave boat and he spoke to us and asked about how we felt in that situation he then laided sounds we'd hear on the boats rain,yelling, water, whips we WERE NEVER PUT IN ANY DANGER then we were told to sit in desks and pick seeds out of cotton to simulate how it was before the cotton gin so we could feel the full gravity of the situation and Mr.Cuneo never targeted anyone or said anything racist or prejudice he made it strictly educational telling us true stories from slaves who lived during that time THIS GREATLY IMPACTED ME AND MY CLASSMATES IN A POSITIVE MANNER  so this year it popped up on my browser that Mr.Cuneo's job was in danger due to a single student saying Mr.Cuneo forced them to lay on a dirty floor while kicking their feet and having videos playing and forced them to pick threw cotton 2 years ago and my friends whom had him last year said EVERY PART OF THIS ACTIVITY WAS OPTIONAL  if we didn't want to participate we didn't have to do this student deliberately made the situation a huge deal Mr. Cuneo is at risk of losing both of his jobs as a teacher and mayor me and many of my former class mates believe this is extremely unfair Mr.Cuneo has an impeccable reputation and has nothing but respect for his students and their opinions he taught us in the best way possible let us live a small part of those events