Support Daniel P. Leonard, Toms River, NJ BOE

Support Daniel P. Leonard, Toms River, NJ BOE

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Chris Borino started this petition to Board President Joseph Nardini Toms River Regional Schools Board of Education and

Daniel P. Leonard, a Retired Career Army Combat Veteran and U.S. Paratrooper with multiple deployments and current member of the non-partisan Toms River BOE, has been the subject of a partisan witch-hunt based upon Lies & False Context perpetrated by a left wing coalition; particularly an extremist group intent on tarnishing Mr. Leonard’s sterling reputation as a military hero and selfless, unpaid civil servant and proven community leader.

Please Sign this petition in support of MSG (Ret) Daniel Leonard and Free Speech.

Mr. Leonard has been the target of a coordinated international campaign to disparage his integrity and fitness for his position on the school board by CAIR (Hamas) - The Council On American Islamic Relations which government organizations have tied to known terrorists. Stand up for Freedom and let Toms River & New Jersey know we support Mr. Leonard.


We will be having Rally with Guest Speakers to support Daniel Leonard on 9/18/19 at 7PM 

Location: Toms River High School North, BOE Meeting, 1245 Old Freehold Road, Toms River, New Jersey 08753

Please Come Support an American Hero and Free Speech!


The Committee To Support Daniel Patrick Leonard - The Most Qualified Board Of Education Representative This Town Has Ever Seen!

View Mr. Leonard's Single Term Highlights - This Assault On Him & His Family By People That Don't Even Live Here Has Forced This District To Lose A True Asset For The Students, Staff & Taxpayers!  

* Armed Security Officers In Every School
* Over 150 Million In District Repairs & Upgrades After 30 Years Of Neglect
* Completely Rid Your Non-Partisan School Board Of Partisan Special Interest
* Ocean County Appointee To The NJSBA Board Of Directors
* District Liaison To The Ocean County School Boards Association
* District Representative To The NJSBA Delegate Assembly
* Increased Transparency Between The District & Residents 
* Beachwood School Tax Increases have remained The LOWEST when compared to Toms River, South Toms River & Pine Beach Since He was Elected the Board In 2016!
* SAVED The Taxpayers Nearly $20 Million In Bond Interest Since The Referendum Passed in January 2019
* Referendum Taxes Are LOWER Than Originally Projected - Just As He Promised!
* Does What Is Fair & Equitable For ALL District Stakeholders Rather Than What Is Politically Expedient - In other words - Does Not Make Decisions Based On How They Will Impact His Re-Election ..... They Are Based On Actionable Intelligence and Immediate Facts & Evidence ..... NOT Social Media Emotions or Personal Relationships! 

Yet - He Has Been Forced To Abandon His Re-Election Campaign So That He Would Not Compromise The Integrity Of The School District Due To These Outside Agitators & Their Threats & Intimidation.  We Must Take A Stand!  

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!