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Our unsung legend of Wanaka; Stacey Wells needs your support.

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Stacey Wells is the mum of four very special sons of Wanaka; Jossi, Byron, Jackson, and Beau-James Wells. All Olympians who, not only put New Zealand on the world map of skiing but also Wanaka; making it one of the most popular destinations for sporting fans to visit and enjoy skiing the very slopes their sporting heroes built their skills on.

Stacey, not only used her time to raise 4 of the most successful sportsmen in New Zealand's sporting history but also gave of herself to encourage and teach hundreds of local children to excel in her other passion in sport; swimming. Her Swimming Academy, of eighteen years, has more than just taught children to swim, it has also developed their mindset to prepare them to be positive and confident in their life decisions; the proof of which is evident in the success of her own children; four talented and successful Olympians. This incredible mum's ethos, experience, and knowledge are second to none when it comes to inspiring young minds; bringing out the best in children.

However, this is possibly about to come to a very abrupt end.

Queenstown Lakes District Council are proposing that Wanaka's new pools only have ONE vendor to provide a swimming academy for the community.  This, of course, has put Stacey and her team in an incredibly vulnerable position.  She may indeed lose everything that she has worked towards over the past 18 years. If the QLDC decide to change the status quo and continue to go down the path of having a sole provider, Stacey, and her team will no longer be able to teach our children in our community.

So, I would like to address the honoured members of the Queenstown Lakes District Council to consider the impact that will have on the community.

Through Mrs. Wells' tireless, lifelong support of her Olympian children, Wanaka has been put on the map as a go-to destination for sports fans, from all over the world, who come to ski the very slopes their heroes learned to be the very best on. This, in turn, has brought, not only a vast increase in revenue to the local area but also for the Travel and Hospitality industry as a whole. The Wells boys have always, and continue to, promote their beloved Wanaka, not only in countless interviews but also through social media, where they personally reach an audience of millions, worldwide.

We respectfully suggest to Wanaka Council that Mrs. Wells be awarded to continue with the status quo allowing her to continue her unquestionable success in teaching our children. We feel it would be most prudent to do so. Stacey is also one of Wanaka's greatest assets and should be recognised for her contribution to the community, which, we feel, will bring fruitful and positive media coverage for your project in going forward.

Have your say! Join us, tomorrow at 1pm, Thursday 3rd May, at the council office in Wanaka,  47 Ardmore Street.  You can voice your submission via Skype, to the council meeting thats taking place in Queenstown. If speaking isn’t your thing, no worries, simply come along and show your support. This is the 11.9th hour. If you haven’t had a chance to sign, and share this, then please do so now!! ☺️

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