Drop sedition charge against A Kadir Jasin

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AKJasin has been charged with sedition.

Lets ponder on some soul searching questions below:

Isn't this a regressive step in the new Malaysia?

Is speaking the truth deemed as seditious in Malaysia?

Shouldn't our rulers be more knowledgeable on the M'sian constitution - which clearly define their role as constitutional monarchs?

Should the Rakyat continue to pay for their extravagant lifestyle?

The rulers are rich beyond reason. Why must the hardworking people support them and their whole family when we ourselves just have enough?

Why should the Rakyat provide allowances to the rulers and all their family members? Are they our adopted children?

If we do not stop this NOW, nobody will ever raise this important issue facing the Rakyat. If we are truly going to be a FREE nation, we must be able to speak our minds. If our freedom of expression is curtailed, then we are truly on a regressive path.