Support Pennsylvania HB 705, Sets PFAS Maximum Contaminant Level at 5 ppt

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CONCERNED PA CITIZENS, FAMILIES AND FRIENDS, your signature on this petition will show your support of PA House Bill 705 which requires the levels of toxins known as PFAS be reduced to near non-detectable amounts in our water. These dangerous chemicals, which have been tied to the use of firefighting foam, have infiltrated the water supply of many PA communities. They are leading to catastrophic medical results including cancer. We need to assure that priority is placed on the removal of these toxins through the installation of proper filtration systems. In PA we have a constitutional right to clean water and our water suppliers must be compelled to take action to remove these chemicals.  Adopting this House Bill will help to expedite that process.  PFAS are linked to many serious health effects, and their bio accumulative properties in the human body, make immediate removal necessary. To make this happen our communities need to join together to demand that the standards in HB 705, requiring a very low maximum contaminant level, be adopted right away. Please support this petition to ask Governor Wolf for his help in implementing HB705.


Governor Wolf, the undersigned are respectfully urging you to offer your assistance in setting a Maximum Contaminant Level for PFAS in PA in accordance with House Bill 705.  PFAS have been shown to be a serious risk to human health even at the lowest levels as outlined and put forth by the recent report of the ATSDR/CDC.  The EPA has set a current health advisory level which is seriously inadequate with a much higher level of toxins allowable than has now been proven to be safe.  We are calling on you to enforce the standards outlined in HB 705 which will assure that the residents of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania receive clean drinking water and the sources of contamination be remediated. We respectfully ask that this bill be implemented without delay as the health of PA citizens is at great risk.