Our group want to do a project for environment "Use the Reuse" make waste useful again.

Our group want to do a project for environment "Use the Reuse" make waste useful again.

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"Use the Reuse"
-We're going to reuse all people waste all the plastics, all the biodegradable waste, and paper we're going to use it to make a new things that people can use again like for example all the plastics are going to crush into a pieces using crusher machine and mold it like a hollow blocks and all the biodegradable waste we're going to use it as soil fertilizer and all the papers we're going to mold it like a new paper.



-We can reuse the trash minimize the waste in our environment and to avoid pollution, floodings and landslide. We need a factory to make the waste useful. 

All waste or used materials collected can be put into a crusher machine ,We need to separate first biodegradable and non biodegradable before put it into a machine. Non-Biodegradable materials like plastic can be crush into a small pieces to mixed with cement to make a hollow block and the used papers can be put into water then make it dry to mold a new paper that we can reuse, While biodegradable can be put into crusher machine and mix it with soil and make it fertilizer. The mission of our project is to maintain cleanliness and avoid pollution that can be source of disease and disaster like flash flood . The vision of our project is to encourage all people that all waste and used things can be reused and make some things can be helpful and useful for environment.



The estimate budget needed for the project is ranging from 2.5million to 3million. This includes the area, machines, laborers and other related fees.

We love to help our community to maintain the cleanliness and make the waste useful.
It's a project for environment to avoid climate disaster.



-We pick this topic because we want to help our environment, because now a days there's alot of waste that people consuming and because it's too much, people don't know were they're gonna put their trush, and because of this there's a huge negative impact on the environment. Recycling can helps to minimize the pollution caused by people waste and some caused by deforestation that's why we want to do this project so we can minimize the trush that people throwing to the landfield and reuse it to a new useful thing that every people can get benefits from this project.




In this project, we will be making crafts by reusing or recycling items that may have been
sent to the recycle centre, garbage dump or landfill. We will be utilizing a variety of
techniques to transform these materials into useful or attractive items.
The point of this project is to create treasure out of trash, to repurpose or up-cycle our
garbage. In doing so, we learn to be creative with everyday items that are considered waste.
Although you are not required to do all the activities, completion of them will give you more
exposure to ideas and more practice of techniques. This will lead to more skill and ability in making a wide variety of crafts.
When we recycle, materials are converted into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources which will help to protect natural habitats for the future.
Using recycled materials in the manufacturing process uses considerably less energy than that required for producing new products from raw materials.
Recycling reduces the need for extracting, refining and processing raw materials all which is helping the nature.
As recycling saves energy it also helps to tackle climate change.
When we recycle, recyclable materials are reprocessed into new products, and as a result the amount of rubbish sent to landfill is decreasing because of this recycling project.
To do the project, we will need the items that we will be repurposing – the trash we will
be making into treasure. The estimated budget needed for a project is ranging to 2.5 million to 3 million because we need a machine and place where we can do this and because all the materials found everywhere that's why we just need machine trucks for collecting the trash and place where we can put all the collected trash.
This is how we gonna make the waste useful again all the trash collected is going to separate the plastic paper and bottles and all the plastic and plastic bottles we're gonna crush it to crusher machine and after crushing it, the crush plastics is gonna use to do the hollow blocks and all the papers is going to put in water until it dissolve and then drain it using the molding plate and dry it under the sun and after that all the waste can be use again.

In this project, rebuilding and recycling is our main goal, and waste is our main source of product that we might reuse and everyone will get benefit of this.
Control the number of waste in the landfills or even in our surroundings. We choose this topic for people who doesn't know that waste will be useful to us, it's not only a trash that we threw anywhere, we can find treasure to this, material things and also the the unseen treasure of unity and values. Nowadays, people forgotten their shared responsibilities in our environment, And in fact they ignore those disasters that they might need in the future.
They don't care for the environment that always care for them, by the help of this project, we will show them what is the reality and what's going in our environment, by the help of this project, we, our group will be the one who will become a great example and influence others to do it for battery change.


Contact Information

If you're interested in our project, you can contact us in our contact number or telephone number
Contact No. 09123456789
Telephone No.
876-54-321 or you can email us at usethereused@gmail.com



This stage involves on how to maintain your good image to your visitors, in the facebook page we created, it is important to be more active on responding to viewers suggestions on how to improve our website, thus is also takes action in implementing their suggestions.
In this way both of us can benefit the result.
Maintenaing what you developed, we, must take action to catch up the attentions of marketing target, which is the youth, encourage them to be part of our campaign, the "Use the reuse.
Providing the an important contents in our Facebook page can also gain potential viewers and funders, as if were saying that our project is worth to invest.


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