"Have No School and Put The Muslim Holidays On The Calendars In Pennsylvania”

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My name is Mohammad "Moe" Suleiman. I am a Muslim and I feel that we should have no school on our two Muslim holidays. I have many Muslim cousins who go to Salisbury Middle School in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Once I heard that New York has added the two Muslim holidays, I told my mom that I should start a petition for all of the muslim kids in Pennsylvania to have no school during our Muslim holidays. The names of the holidays are Eid-Al Fitr and Eid-Al Audha. They are on different days and months every year. I am trying to get this petition so I can get Pennsylvania to put it on the calendars on the day of its holiday. They have Christian and Jewish holidays on the calendars why can't they add Muslim holidays also to the calendars? I also want to show kids all over the world that if they put their minds to do anything they can achieve great things in life. In addition, don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't do. If we win I would like to have a parade all over Pennsylvania celebrating the day that Pennsylvania added the two holidays to the calendars. If we don't succeed this year we will try next year because I'm determined to have the two holidays on the calendar and have no school on the two holidays. "It's not over until we win” is the message. I would like to have Donald Trump and Tom Wolf help me achieve my goal to add the holidays onto the calendar and have no school during our holidays.