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Drivers on the road respect school yellow buses.

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   Dear mr. Governor I maite Jorge resident of PHILADELPHIA pa mother of a child who rides the first student yellow bus company To school are writing to beg you to take in to cosideration my petition.   I watch the news everyday and almost everyday I see school yellow buses in bad accidents on the road, Friday 12/1/17 unfurtunaly it was my sons school yellow bus, that terrible accidents 3 ppl in the bus were injured luckily they ok,  I am glad my son wasn’t picked up yet when that accident occurred in the morning then monday 12/4/17 another accident different bus same scenario happened both accidents was a van that cut them off causing them to crash another 7 kids injured...... is ashame how the drivers on the road are so inconsiderate to the yellow buses full of kids and adults causing accidents too often too many times kids and adults in those buses getting injured. Also I did my own research about the yellow buses drivers they tend to speed over the mph as well as turning too quickly on the stop signs.   My petition is to please implement a law where drivers on the road respect the yellow school buses don’t cut them off or get too close to them in other words give them their space. Also yellow school bus drivers needs to be tested frequently drug, alcohol as well as watch their driving I am going to thank you in advace this will prevent alot of accidents and safe peoples lives, is very concerning for me as a mother as well for the the community. Thank you again!      Maite j.    Awareness (RESPECT SCHOOL YELLOW BUSES) or get a fine/ticket

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