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Tell the FCC: Restore Net Neutrality

Net neutrality prevents ISPs from speeding up or slowing down access to Web Content based on its source. In the latest blow to the open Internet, the U.S. Court of Appeals struck down the FCC's Open Internet Order because of the questionable legal framework the agency used when it adopted its Net Neutrality rules in 2010.

Right now, there is no protection against ISPs that block or discriminate against websites, applications, or services. ISPs are free to imitate cable companies (which is likely since many already are cable companies) and force users to pay extra in order to access their favorite websites at full speed.

But there's hope: FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler can correct the agency’s past mistakes and truly protect our nation’s communications infrastructure. The agency must take the necessary steps to make broadband networks open, accessible, reliable and affordable for everyone.

As Internet users and customers, we are responsible for standing up for ourselves. Information should not become a luxury. 

Tell the FCC to start treating broadband like a communications service, and to restore its Net Neutrality rules.

Letter to
FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel
FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler
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FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly
The U.S. Appeal Court's recent ruling on Net Neutrality could severely restrict the free flow of information on the Internet and has serious implications for our Democracy.

I urge you to re-assert your authority in this matter by reclassifying broadband as a "telecommunications service" and to establish regulations that protect network neutrality.