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Maintain Net Neutrality

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Net neutrality is the concept that all Internet service providers (ISP's) such as Comcast, Verizon, and ATT maintain equal treatment of all data flowing across the Internet. ISP's believe that some data should be slowed down or stopped depending on how convenient it is for them deal with the data. For example; Netflix is constantly being harassed by ISP's due to the fact that it comprises a large portion of the data that flows across the Internet. However, as a consumer you already pay for your Internet service and it should not matter how much or what you use your Internet for (as long as they are legal activities of course). 

Recently the FCC has moved to create polices allowing Internet "Fast Lanes". These "Fast Lanes" allow the ISP's to charge companies such as Netflix, Amazon and Google for normal, stable service. Not only does this completely void the concept of net neutrality, it will allow ISP's to slow down data from companies that are not paying the premium. If companies such as Netflix refuse to pay the premium the ISP's will have the right to slow their data to a crawl.

It is the job of the government to ensure that its citizens are allowed equal access to Internet and these FCC polocies are the exact opposite of such equality. By passing these polocies the ISP's stand to make more money and at the expense of your internet freedom. Please sign this petition to show Tom Wheeler (Chairman of the FCC) that the citizens of the United States of America do not support Fast Lanes and are willing to fight for net neutrality. 

Read more about the new polocies in a recent New York Times article:

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