Cancel the phone ban at Sydney Grammar School

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The proposed phone ban at Sydney Grammar School intends to "increase social interactions" as the belief is that phones limit these interactions. However, by implementing this ban, the school is denying students a very important resource for education, communication and play.

The introduction of this ban is especially puzzling due to the prevalence of technology in modern day life. Grammar needs to learn to embrace technology rather than fight it. Studies in the USA have proven that even when schools have banned phones, 65% of students still used phones regardless. The ban also risks creating a double standard, where teachers will continue to be able to use their phones whilst students will be punished for doing so.

This ban also represents the mistrust of the students by teachers believing that students aren't capable of conducting social interactions with phones in their hands or pockets.

If Grammar had enough space for people to socialise and play in the playground, we could perhaps reconsider. However, with four flimsy basketball nets and very limited space, the playground couldn't support anywhere near enough people.

Sign this petition if you believe that our right to curiosity, communication and play should be preserved.