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Prevent the corporate exploitation of the White Mountain National Forest

The White Mountain National Forest has been designated a “crown jewel” and is one of America’s most visited national forests. The U.S. mint has even released a quarter honoring the WMNF. The 800,000 acre forest registers more visitors annually than Yellowstone and Yosemite combined. It would seem to be CRIMINAL to put 85 to 135 foot high steel lattice towers through such a beautiful and treasured landscape, but that is precisely what Northern Pass is proposing. Funded entirely by Hydro Quebec, the Northern Pass towers would start at the Canadian border and would consist of 180 miles of high voltage 1200 mw power lines all the way to southern New Hampshire. This is a private, for-profit, unnecessary project that will benefit the stockholders of Northeast Utilities, Public Service of New Hampshire and Hydro Quebec. Since the electricity is destined for Massachusetts and Connecticut, the State of New Hampshire will get nothing from this project except a 180-mile scar through the center of the state and it will overpower the most scenic and awe-inspiring views of the White Mountains. Northern Pass would forever alter the character and beauty of our beloved White Mountain National Forest, the Appalachian Hiking Trail, and all the villages that border the forest. The White Mountain National Forest should never be exploited for the financial gain of giant corporations and billionaires who put profits before the environment.

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  • Tom Wagner, Forest Supervisor, White Mountain National Forest

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