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Stop companies from boiling animals alive!

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If I told you a million dogs and cats were being boiled alive in the United States every year, I think you'd be outraged. Thankfully that's not happening because there are laws in place to protect them, but sadly close to a million chickens and turkeys are boiled alive every year, and tens of millions more arrive at the slaughterhouse with broken and dislocated limbs because the USDA refuses to use its legal authority to stop companies from participating in this cruelty.

Please join me, and let's ask the USDA to take reasonable action to prevent a million birds from being boiled alive. That's well over 2,000 animals boiled alive every day!

When I speak to friends and family about reducing animal cruelty, they are surprised when I tell them that existing slaughter laws do not apply to more than 98% of animals slaughtered for food. Regardless of whether or not someone chooses to eat animals, people who I have spoken with want to know that farm animals, are not boiled alive, don’t have their legs crushed, and are not mistreated in ways that are (sadly) common.

The Humane Methods of Slaughter Act is enforced by the USDA, but they decided it's acceptable to exclude chickens and turkeys—as if they're inanimate objects! That’s right, the USDA refuses to apply the Humane Slaughter Act to over 98% of the animals under its supervision and authority!

The Washington Post looked at USDA reports and conservatively estimated that nearly one million of these animals are boiled alive every year. The industry’s own documents indicate that tens of millions suffer severe trauma that leads to broken and dislocated limbs, and they are still trucked to slaughter, hung upside down on shackles for the slaughter line, and killed.

Under the Poultry Products Inspection Act, the USDA is required to push for these changes from poultry slaughterhouses, because cruelty also leads to “adulterated” meat (meat with bacteria and bruises and other bad stuff). We are taxpayers and concerned consumers who want this federal agency to take action on a logical way to reduce cruelty. If pigs or cows were killed this way, workers and facility owners could face criminal charges.

Please join me in asking the USDA to close this loophole which allows nearly one million birds to be boiled alive every year. Just as they have ways to reduce some of the worst cruelty to pigs and cows at slaughter, they should include birds in how they enforce this law.

As consumers, we must demand better of those tasked to enforce basic humane standards that affect billions of animals.

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