Reduce the KCC Bus Pass for 11-16 Year Olds

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We need to start standing up to the elected and non elected council members who think that the proposal in increasing the bus pass for students is acceptable.

Kent County Council 'under the proposal, which appears in the draft county council budget plan, the price of an annual bus pass will rise 20 per cent, from £290 a year to £350.'

Already last year KCC increased the cost of the bus pass from £260 to £290, from the previous cost of £150 per year in 2015.

The last time the increase was made KCC said that it was due to the bus services increasing their prices. However, Arriva said that they had not increased their costs to KCC and it was a wholly KCC lead initiative. 

KCC are punishing parents who (by law) have to send their children to school.
This new fee of £350 would be impossible for some parents to pay, but many have no choice.

There are other ways that KCC could find £800,000 per year. But they are targeting the most vulnerable citizens in society. Children.