STOP the culling of sharks in Gold Coast

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Following the recent shark attack in Greenmount beach, the Queensland governments department of agriculture and fisheries have began the culling of sharks in Coolangatta waters.

The culling of sharks is an unethical practice put in place in order to minimise encounters between sharks and humans , of which are entering the sharks natural habitat. Following the attack , two tiger sharks have been killed , neither of these sharks are the animal responsible for the attack of Nick Slater. There is no evidence proving that shark culling reduces the amount of negative encounters between humans and sharks and if it is even an effective method of shark control.

Sharks can't infest their own habitat. Please sign to support the end of shark culling in Queensland and for the government to move to more ethical methods of shark control. So that the ocean is a safe place for everyone to swim , sharks and humans alike. 

Condolences to the family and friends of Nick Slater , Rest In Peace.