Restore Calgary Medical Access for East Kootenay Residents

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East Kootenay residents aren’t getting the healthcare options we need. Cardiac care is now being done out of Kelowna, which is six to eight hours away.

Get our access to Calgary Foothills back.

Personal story
Dear friends:

On Friday November 16, my father, John Krats, was hiking in the mountains, and experienced what he called a “buzz” in his chest. As a survivor of two heart attacks, he listens to his body. After a couple more buzzes, he went into Cranbrook hospital Saturday morning. His observations were correct. He went in at the right time.
Today (four days later at the time of writing) he is still in Cranbrook, waiting to be flown to Kelowna for an angiogram and possibly stents or a bypass.
The East Kootenay region is experiencing gaps in health care coverage. In recent years we could use the cardiac services in Calgary. Dad’s first two cardiac events were treated at Foothills in Calgary. He got two stents there. He was able to get a ride with family friends and get back home for recovery.
Kelowna is a six hour drive from Cranbrook, twice as far as Foothills. A political shift is preventing us from accessing the services at Foothills.
This can’t be allowed to continue. We must insist on accessible health care. I’ve spoken to Tom Shypitka’s office as well as with the Ministry of Health. They have been kind and attentive.
Many voices will help our elected officials see the extensive impact of this change, and will bolster them to take action. I’m asking you to join me in lobbying for rational change.
Dad has asked me to ask this of you. Many of you know his community values. He wants us to band together to make the East Kootenays a safer, healthier place to live.
Dad says, “Even if it doesn’t help me, it will help others.”