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RIP IFFY: Make Harehills Great Again!

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The trial of the unjust death of 15 year old IRFAN WAHID starts on Wednesday the 2nd August 2017. This is a petition about our community. It is being led by the young people as we do not feel like the community is a safe one in wich children should grow up. We want to see a change. We want a voice and that voice is about having support services available to our young people and our families. We don't have them at the moment and have a very high rate of violent crime and Harehills is one of the most deprived areas of this country. The recent unnecessary deaths of young people has had a knock on effect on the young children of our community; mentally emotionally and has given us a sense of insecurity about walking out of our homes there's no family support services at all.

There's been an underlying issue in our community of children from Asian ethnic minorities not having the correct access to facilities and family support services that would keep them off the streets and on the right path. The facilities that are available are not on offer to the youth that are the most vulnerable. Therefore, we believe that this needs to change as more kids are getting involved in crime and dying needlessly. In Harehills over 1200 violent crimes were committed in leeds there were 654 knife crimes in 2015/2016. These statistics clearly signify the need for change, and how access to establishments such as youth clubs will help prevent kids from getting involved in such acts and taking part in crime.

This is leading to more marginalisation of vulnerable people as some facilities that are on offer don't welcome young south Asian men as they believe that they are 'troublesome' when in fact they aren't willing to put in the time and effort to help them. Also, as in Dame Casey's report about communities of a big south Asian population. Women and young children are being side - lined. There's no services that are offering a package of support that works with and challenges, with empathy, the community to become more open minded, inclusive, safe and an emotionally safe place to live and work in.

So on behalf of the local people we are presenting this Petition to you to stop others like IFFY being killed and to prevent the youth from getting involved in crimes that could potentially put their life in danger. If this petition was to be accepted not only would it reduce the danger to kids lives, but it would also improve the community as a whole. The recognition that iffys unjust murder has received highlights the fact that the community are seeking to improve the local facilities, so that another innocent life isn't taken away and that the future of our kids improves. As a racially diverse community we are looking to improve the facilities offered to our kids as they are the future of this country therefore, they should have access to provision that would benefit their futures aswell as impacting them in a way that they grow and make a difference. IFFY wouldn't have wanted his death to go to vain, so why not use it as a movement to improve his local community as a whole and carry on his legacy.

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