Move the All City Orchestra Concert Back to the Auditorium

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This spring, the 43rd Annual Spring Orchestra Concert will occur. However, the location at which this concert will occur has been a hot subject amongst many students and parents. Last year, the location of the spring concert was changed to the Crown Point High School Gymnasium, from the traditional location of the Crown Point High School Auditorium. Since the opening of the new Crown Point High School in 2003, every single orchestra concert in the past 13 years have taken place in the expensive and beautiful auditorium, creating a lasting legacy. However, last year, the decision was made to move the spring concert into the gymnasium. Many members of the orchestra and their parents as well members of the Crown Point community who have enjoyed the past concerts were upset by this sudden and drastic change. The orchestra concert belongs in the auditorium and the reasons for moving the concert to the gymnasium are simply not justifiable.

  • The auditorium was built with the idea of housing concerts and shows in mind. The auditorium is designed to project sound out into the audience.
  • The gymnasium has incredibly poor acoustics. String instruments are quiet in comparison to wind instruments. Because the gymnasium is very large, the sound simply goes out and dissipates into the enormous space. The gymnasium consists of brick rather than soft material that can soak up sound. Clearly, the gymnasium was NOT built for string instruments.
  • The gymnasium can easily become too warm, which is bad for the string instruments which are very sensitive to temperature. 
  • It is incredibly difficult for the musicians to hear each other and the other sections, making it difficult to create music and stay together. The seating is appalling, as it does not follow traditional orchestra seating. Namely, both the Intermediate and Symphony orchestra is crammed into one semi-circle. Several cellos were seated behind first and second violins, not to mention that the violins mingled. The winds were seated far behind the strings. Also, it is difficult for many of the musicians to see the conductor. Because of these circumstances, the performance was negatively impacted.
  • The constructing and deconstructing of the set up in the gymnasium itself is incredibly laborious as well as time consuming. Last year, in order to seat all the members of the 5th grade orchestra, the 7th/8th grade orchestra, the intermediate orchestra, and the symphony orchestra, around 300 chairs were dragged from the music wing to the other side of the building to the gymnasium. Around 150 music stands were also relocated. 
  • The end of the year concert matters a great deal to graduating seniors as it is an opportunity for them to get recognition, not to mention, it is also an emotional concert as the seniors say their final goodbyes to the orchestra program and their friends that they have grown up with for 7 years.
  • Traditionally, seniors are given the opportunity and honor to perform a senior solo with the option of the symphony orchestra as accompaniment. One of the reasons that this cannot occur anymore is because the concert is now held in the gymnasium.
  • One of the reasons that many younger kids get interested in orchestra or stay in orchestra is the senior solos. The impressionable younger kids enjoy and admire the level of quality and virtuosity at which the seniors play during their solos and the various pieces in general. These kids cannot enjoy this opportunity with the concert being in the gymnasium.
  • The program’s younger kids deserve the privilege of playing on the auditorium stage. This fosters the passion of becoming a musician in many kids. It is crucial to treat young students as what they are, young and budding musicians. The proper setting for an orchestral concert has and will always be an auditorium.  
  • The seating is uncomfortable, especially for senior citizens and individuals with physical disabilities. The audience must sit closely next to each other for an extended period of time, as a result of this, the space quickly becomes more humid and claustrophobic for many people. The auditorium offers comfortable seating to concert-goers, justifying the rising ticket prices. 
  • The concerts in the auditorium offer more flexibility for parents to attend, as there are typically 3 concerts. There is only one concert in the gymnasium.

An orchestra must work together in order to create the best quality music that they can. It is difficult for many students to be the musicians that we have the capability to be if we aren't offered the opportunities that we deserve. When the All City concert was moved into the gymnasium, many kids voiced their opposition to this, due to many reasons, including the ones listed above. Nothing was changed. As a result of this, many members of the orchestra began to feel as if their opinions and contributions to the group did not matter. This is not the mindset that makes for a successful orchestra. People must feel included and these people's opinions on this matter must be taken seriously and into deep consideration. Many members of the orchestra, especially seniors, felt slighted as their opportunity to do a senior solo with the symphony in front of the orchestra family and community was taken away.

Not only were the students involved in orchestra were affected, but the parents as well. Many parents have voiced their opposition to the concert being moved to the gym, but as formerly mentioned, the movement last year was shut down. Parents are the largest supporters of their children's journey through orchestra, not only emotionally, but financially. The Crown Point High School Orchestra program is largely funded by parents. It is wholly disrespectful towards those parents that have expressed their opposition towards this debacle as they are the ones financially funding and paying the admission prices to see their children.

It is important to remember that we, the orchestra program, are meant to be a community and work together, which is why this campaign has been created. The potential that our program has is not being explored and is certainly being cut off when one of the biggest events of the year has been decreased in value. Many kids have dedicated countless hours over the course of many years to orchestra and their instruments. These kids have been cheated of their potential when the auditorium was taken away. Obviously, these kids felt betrayed. These kids deserve better. They deserve the chance to play in the auditorium. The opportunities that the concerts held in the auditorium were cut off as the decision to move the concert to the gym was solidified. Through the many years we have played in orchestra, you have heard our instruments but it is time for you to hear our voices. It has been incredibly difficult to talk to some of the directors behind this decision as they are not open to change, although many people are unhappy with this decision. 

It is difficult to justify holding another spring concert in the gymnasium due to the many technical and ethical issues that plague these circumstances. The quality and the distinction the spring concert represents was sacrificed by the decision to move the concert into the gymnasium. Last year, many orchestra members and parents protested this change, but nothing was done. This year needs to be different, for our kids and future generations as they learn music. We are not attacking the program but rather seeking a better solution than playing in a gymnasium. Please, open the conversation to the rest of us, the orchestra. 


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