Allow gay men to donate blood, tissue, and organs.

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#JusticeForPatrick Make this go viral! On April 2nd, 2016, my brother, Patrick Stoddard passed away after a long battle against several mental health disorders. My brother loved many things - art, mathematics, engineering, politics, but most importantly helping others. My brother always extended a hand to those in need and has changed the lives of many in doing so. My brother was an organ donor and knew that when he passed, he wanted his life to be able save someone else's.

Patrick's wish could not be granted due to archaic and discriminatory donor regulations saying that because he was a gay man who had a partner within the last five years, he could not donate even though he was a registered donor. My brother was HIV negative and had no other sexually transmitted diseases. There was no reason to reject my brother's viable tissue, blood, and organs aside from the government's clearly discriminatory views against the gay community.

Please sign this petition to tell the Secretary of Health and Human Services that we are sick of the discrimination against the gay community and that equality is demanded now!

Don't let what happened to my brother happen again to other gay men who want to save a life. Thank you all!