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Defeat Republicans and Trumpcare by advocating Medicare for All

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Our nation is facing an existential crisis, governed now by a Reality TV hack/political wrecking agent who grants no fealty to previous norms of governance and no respect for 200 years of American institutions. Agencies with decades of participation in improving the quality of life for Americans are now capriciously headed by unqualified Cabinet Officers, whose charge is to dismantle the departments they lead. Institutional memory, invaluable to our country, is being erased by rapid elimination of career employees.

There is no brake on this runaway train; no power vested anywhere outside the control of the Administration. The only hope for saving our nation is a dramatic shift in the composition of Congress by electing record numbers of Democrats in the mid-term elections and disgorging the traitorous Republicans who continue to support this catastrophe.

In order to achieve such a turnaround the Democrats need a unifying theme and the Republicans have offered a perfect platform.

I think every Democrat up for election in 2018, should form an alliance around ONE promise. Elect us, turn out the Republicans, and we will pass MEDICARE FOR ALL! In the current climate, people are panicked over losing health care and if they were offered the safe harbor of a familiar program, would likely be open to such a concept.

Medical institutions oppose Trumpcare and might support a stable, secure, system which would remove the burden of uncompensated care from their balance sheet, improving their bottom line.

Businesses which provide healthcare would be freed from the constant necessity to shop and negotiate for coverage. Like Social Security, it would be simply another deduction from the gross pay.

Consider the groundswell of opposition to Trump and his policies. No legislator can plan on hosting a boring 'Town Hall' meeting. Constituents are demanding a voice. Congressional telephone lines are jammed with angry constituents, demanding accountability and protesting the loss of life which will inevitably follow the destruction of the ACA.

Democrats must seize this energy and use it jujitsu-like to not only defeat Trumpcare, but to establish in its place REAL care.

Our party must move outside the constraints of traditional politics. BOLD actions must be taken! Individual elected Senators and Representatives must abandon their ‘silos’ where they consider only their own district and concerns. They must join every other Democrat in this giant endeavor, by creating a tsunami of unified voices promising Medicare for ALL.

The current administration is engaged in a WAR against America as we have always known it. We are in danger of losing our very country unless we find a cause which will galvanize and mobilize Americans to vote and specifically to vote Democratic in the mid-term elections. Voters who were not motivated to vote in 2016, now are VERY motivated by their fear of losing health care. As we've learned from Republicans, fear is a great motivator. We can use it!!

No Democrat with access to a microphone should fail to castigate the Darwinian, 'survival of the richest', intent of the Trump/Ryan plan, while simultaneously promoting MEDICARE FOR ALL

And Democrats need to start NOW!

Please sign and most importantly, SHARE this petition. Our nation is at stake!

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