An alert that goes out when anyone Autistic or with a mental illness runs off.

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I am a mother of an autistic, nonverbal, preteen, who is also a "runner" ( wanders away from home. ) He is not aware of danger. He is not conscience of his surroundings. He would walk into traffic with no reguard to his own saftey. He would get into a car with a stranger. He would not know how to find his way home. He would not respond to police, which in it self could be dangerous because he could be considered non compliant. He had an almost 8 year old nonverbal Autistic frriend who wandered away from home and drown less than an hour after he left his home. The child at only 7, unable to communicate, a child that did not know any better did NOT qualify for an Amber Alert. This happens way too much in not only the Autism community, but with children and adults with mental delays, mental illness, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's ect. Our loved ones who do not know any better CAN wander off and get lost, hurt, kidnapped, and even die. I would like to change the law. I would like to get a law passed that makes anyone with special needs or mental illness eligible for an alert. Many people can not afford GPS tracking devices, the monthly cost to keep the devices activated, or even the internet to be able to utilize these devices. I propose they pass Jermey's law. After Jermey Duncan..The 7 year old boy who wandered off and was found drowned blocks from his home. He was seen alive in the water minutes before his death. Had he qualified for an Amber alert. He may still be alive today. The person who saw him would of known there was a missing non verbal autistic child. I urge you to please help me get a law passed that includes the helpless instead of excluding them. I want to be secure in the fact that if it were my child he would have a fighting chance to be brought home safe. I would like to sleep at night knowing another mother won't have to wonder how she will get the word out and out quickly without resources like Jermey's mother had to.

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