KAPITI COLLEGE: Tom MB and Jess C go to the ball together

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Running a little late this morning, I entered my lovely Year 9 Form Class as usual because I am a saint. My good friend Libby, also a fellow Peer Supporter (because she herself is also a saint) was discussing the absolute uproar this morning about Ball Tickets not going on sale. Libby is very keen to get her grubby-hands on a couple ball tickets as her partner Toby (Hi, Toby) goes to underprivileged Tawa College. However, Libby seemed drastically upset about the fact her good friend Jess Craig would not be going to the ball at all!

Why you ask? Well, because she doesn't want to be the third wheel.

Strangely enough, I was invited to sit with my best friend Luke Ferreira (highschool gay boy) and our friend Tommy MB. Apparently, Tom doesn't have a date! Coincidence? Probably not. 

Help me and my good friend Libby set our two friends Jess C and Tom MB become ball partners!