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In the US more than 36 infants and toddlers suffer and die in hot cars every year and in the summer that is one a week. This petition is a call for action! It is for federal safety standards to reflect emerging technology in-order to save kids because they are worth it! 

To add the additional sensors to new vehicles if not needed may err on the side of caution but to not add them may be to err on the side of fatality.                  

If a driver exits his/her vehicle and inadvertently leaves the infant in vehicle  because the driver fails to react to the cues and warning chimes emitted by the vehicle to alert the driver to check rear seat the seat occupancy then a countermeasure will kick in to prevent heatstroke. The pressure sensor and temperature sensor will determine if your precious cargo has been left in the hot car and will transmit an alert for help.

A warning alarm or beep is a very good start but not a sufficient solution because people already overstimulated with beeps and buzzes invariably ignore many beeps and buzzes in today's busy tech filled world. We the undersigned would like to see additional legislation to "the Hot Cars Act" of 2017 that was passed by the House of Representatives as part of "The Self Drive Act". We are asking Congress to pass additional legislation calling on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to implement somewhat higher standards with language specifically calling for cars to have not only an alarm or beep reminder for parent to check the back seat after the car is turned off but to also implement and make use of modern emerging technology using sensors in sequence to detect #1 if the seat is occupied and if so then #2 if the temperature is rising to unsafe levels after the car is turned off and then #3 send a EMERGENCY text alert. Already too many infants have suffered unseen and unheard.

The addition of these two safety sensors and a text alert in new vehicles would enable a fast emergency response if a child is facing hyperthermia when every minute and every second counts. Passing this law can and will save additional lives. It can and should be done. I am a high school student studying computers and I coded a $35 Raspberry pi 3 computer with two $5 sensors and used my phones mobile hot-spot to fully implement such a working device. Its not expensive or rocket science. I made this to demonstrate that it can be done. The alert works and I have already put this code on GitHub for free use by anyone. Anyone with the raspberry pi could build this using my open source code that I developed. This simple device detects if a child is left in their car seat and if the temperature in the car rises above or even below (to prevent freezing) a certain temperature threshold. The computer will then send out a text alert notification to emergency numbers. If I could code this working device (which I did) then auto manufacturers could also but they have not. Such a simple device as mine could easily be implemented and even improved on for new cars by auto manufacturers using existing and readily available technology.


Accolades to Representatives Tim Ryan (D-OH), Peter King (R-NY), and Congresswoman / Subcommittee Ranking Member Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) for House Passage of Hot Cars Act and for continuing to push the issue. Lets add a bit more specifics to the language because kids are worth it! Lets maintain America as a global leader in innovation and raise the bar for safety standards setting an example for other countries to follow.