Reopen Albion Falls!

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Albion falls has been closed to the public. Visiting this iconic Hamilton landmark is now a crime, with as many as 51 people charged with trespassing. We must reopen this amazing natural wonder. 

The city of Hamilton has fenced off this waterfall and increased police presence in the area in response to recent injuries and deaths of persons visiting the site. This could be understandable if the site were unusually dangerous, however I am genuinely surprised that there have been any injuries at all. As a hiker who has visited Albion Falls many times, I can tell you that it is no more dangerous than any other trail. There is water, there are rocks, and there is a trail with a moderate incline down to the base of the falls, but as long as you respect the rudimentary risks involved, there shouldn't be any problems. As with any waterfall, I would not recommend the trail to anyone who has been drinking or is infirmed, but this should never mean that it should be a crime for experienced people who respect the easily avoidable dangers to visit the site.

As far as I am concerned, the warning signs and PSA's the city had in place should be more than enough to absolve the city of responsibility, deter inexperienced persons, and caution anyone who might be at risk. If people want to enjoy the waterfall, then that is their choice, let them make it.