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Tom Horne, stop bullying DREAMers. Stop your lawsuit against In State Tuition.

DREAMers value education and want to contribute to their communities.
Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne is suing Maricopa County Community Colleges for granting In-State-Tuition to DREAMers who have DACA.
Tom Horne wants 10 colleges in Maricopa County to charge DACA-DREAMers 3 times the In-State-Tuition rates, practically pricing them out of education.
In reality he does not want DACA-DREAMers to grow, learn so they can contribute with their knowledge to the State of Arizona.The real loser is Arizona's workforce. Please tell Tom Horne stop the pointless lawsuit, and stop bullying DACA-DREAMers. They just want to go to college ! Drop your lawsuit NOW!

*DACA= Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals

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    Tom Horne

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