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Adobe please re-code the Lightroom engine to speed it up!

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We all know how Adobe Lightroom, one of the world's most famous editing tools has some severe performance issues!

Ever since version 3, there have been no real major updates. For about the last 5 years Lightroom has pretty much existed with patches upon patches.

New, powerful processors and hardware have been coming out all the time yet users are experiencing continuous performance bottlenecks. It even runs slower on some of the newest systems! 

Ever since Adobe switched their business model to CC (Creative Cloud) more people have been able to pay monthly and thus profits have risen exponentially but in return end users have been getting less in return!

Adobe issued a press statement that it needs to concentrate on speed issues but realistically when will that happen?? No dates have been given, how long will it take? Are they just starting to realize now?

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