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Petitioning Mayor of Fort Wayne Tom Henry

Sign the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry Pledge


Currently 300 mayors from across the country have signed the Mayors for Freedom to Marry pledge. In Fort Wayne, there have been a lot of arguments lately against the freedom to marry with the proposed HJR-6 constitutional amendment. Our mayor has been a strong leader for our LGBT community. Let us show him our support and encourage him to sign the Freedom to Marry pledge.

Being born and raised in Fort Wayne, I have observed the harsh reality for many of our LGBT citizens. I have witnessed gay couples in long loving relationships call themselves roommates. I have witnessed women refuse to tell their families about their relationship out of fear of being disowned. I have seen people break down struggling to accept their sexuality. I have heard stories of teens afraid to go to school because of the names people call them. I have heard men whisper they are gay because they were too afraid someone would overhear. I have read editorials in our papers that have argued the virtue in discriminating against them. I have listened to stories of suicide attempts, depression, fear, and pain. I have viewed too many tears being shed by our LGBT citizens who have felt for too long they have lived their lives in the shadows.

I have the privilege of having a window that faces the new Martin Luther King bridge downtown. Every night when I view that bridge, I do not only perceive its color, but its meaning. Mayor Henry can provide that leadership that many of our citizens desperately need at this time. Mayor, I encourage you to sign the Mayors for Freedom to Marry Pledge to start the community discussion and act as a new bridge between a bitter past and hopeful future.

Sign my petition to encourage Mayor Tom Henry to join the numerous mayors from our neighboring states in signing the pledge offering equality to all of our citizens.

Letter to
Mayor of Fort Wayne Tom Henry
I encourage you to please sign the Mayors for Freedom to Marry Pledge. I value the LGBT community in our city and support their equality. Fort Wayne has a diverse community that has thrived in the past by coming together. You have the chance to demonstrate strong leadership by signing this pledge. Please take this chance and let the rest of the country know, Fort Wayne is a place that welcomes all people.