Trade Reggie Jackson

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Our great city is currently under reconstruction and I feel that since Detroit Basketball was brought back into the city for the 2017-2018 season, this would be a great starting point to actually add excitement in the atmosphere for the fans. The fans love that our team is within reach and would love the opportunity to support but do you blame them for having apprehension based on our past record and decision making?

I think the fans have quietly showed their distrust and lack of interest for our team with our current attendance, we no longer want to ride the 10+ year roller coaster with the option to purchase high price tickets. What we want is excitement, a team that we can be proud to represent. Are we going to get there with the current leader Reggie Jackson, the answer is NO. Reggie Jackson is a leader of the Detroit Pistons that the city has unanimously wanted to rid themselves of. Are WE being heard, the answer to that is NO. We are currently now exhausted from supporting a team that has a leader that seems to purposely SABOTAGE the rest of the team hard efforts. Relying on his old efforts of being 4th quarter Reggie is over and not fun anymore. Also watching his early celebration to games that we haven’t won is disgusting and also an act of taunting that does nothing but motivate the opposing teams. 

We can float (pun intended) for days of our dislikes for his poor and inconsistent style of play but we will keep it rainbow short. We need to rid ourselves from Reggie Jackson if we are going to see our team move forward. Let’s give our locker room the opportunity to build the positive chemistry with an elite point guard that will push and compliment the rest of the team. Most importantly, someone that will add excitement for the city/fans that will give them a reason to support our team and to fill in those noticeably empty red seats. 

We want to be heard, TRADE REGGIE SABOTAGE JACKSON!!! 


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