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Overturn the ban on research into gun violence

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The underfunding of research into gun violence started with the Dickey Amendment in 1997 with the language that the CDC will be barred from any research that will “advocate or promote gun control." As such, despite the rampant mass shootings that are splattered across news feeds seemingly daily, meaningful research into the cause of such shootings is impossible. The 5 million members of the NRA, whose donations and dues fund the organization's lobbying efforts, have placed a stranglehold on our society. Politicians are bought and paid for by the NRA with donations into their coffers for the express purpose of squashing any legislation that might infringe on gun rights. It is time to at least study the problem. As a physician, my life is surrounded by science and the logic it engenders. How would science deal with this? It is established that we have a problem. We should study that problem. Then we should identify the crucial elements that exacerbate the problem. Then we remove those elements. The key first step is to study the problem. Eliminating the Dickey Amendment is the only way to get started towards a safer society.

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