Save Georgian Bay and The Bruce Peninsula!

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Georgian Bay needs our help! A project you may not know of will scar the beautiful Georgian and Nottawasaga Bays. This project is proposed by TransCanada Energy (TCE) for construction on the Canadian Army’s 4th Canadian Division Training Centre, north of Meaford.

A very large hydroelectric pumping plant is proposed by TCE to be built on the Department of National Defense property. This facility would pump water from the shoreline up to a reservoir and generate 1,000 megawatts of energy when that water is dropped from a height of 150 metres through turbines, back into Georgian Bay. The water volume pulled in and dropped out is 3 million cubic metres every day, two-thirds of the flow over Niagara Falls. The plant is projected to take four years of construction activity, much of it actually in the waters of Georgian Bay.

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