Make Pappas/Burbank/Wakefield/Stark Intersection into Four-way Stop

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We, the citizens of the Truro and surrounding neighborhoods, petition VDOT and Fairfax DOT to install a four-way stop at the intersection of Pappas Way/Burbank Road/Wakefield Drive/Stark Road. This intersection is the cause of continuous close-call accidents for the following reasons:

1. Those that are not familiar with the intersection, instinctively assume that it is a four-way stop, which means that;

    a) travelers from Pappas/Burbank directions make their stop (assume it's a four-way) and continue to drive through the intersection where fast-crossing traffic has no stop

    b) travelers from the Wakefield/Stark direction incorrectly stop, causing confusion from all other directions as to who has the right of way 

2. This intersection is very large. The painted stop lines at Pappas and Burbank are so far back from the intersection that drivers cannot make a safe visual assessment of crossing traffic.

3. Speed humps on Wakefield Drive, leading up the the two-way stop, do not slow down non-stopping traffic. The result is Wakefield/Stark traffic flying through at dangerous speeds through an already confusing and unsafe intersection.