Help me bring my daughter home.

Help me bring my daughter home.

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State Senator Tom Barrett

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Started by Ale Calderon

My Name is Alexis I am creating this petition to bring my daughter Essynce home.I was adopted, my adoptive mother currently has guarduanship of my 6yo daughter Essynce. She has had her since she was 2yo, limiting my time with her.  

I want to share a little more about my life in case you do not know, to shed a little light on the situation. I experienced a lot of trauma growing up for 16 years I experenced physical, mental, and emotionally abuse on a daily basis. I was often locked in cold rooms in isolation. I was beaten with belts & switches everyday, one time I was strangled with a belt until I blacked out. I had countless busted noses & my body was often covered in bruises. I was told I was ugly everyday and that I wouldn’t be nothing. I wasn’t allowed to bathe or brush my teeth at long period of times I was told  to use the same feminine product multiple times. 

All by the women who has gaurdenship of my daughter. She told me that she wished she didn’t adopt me.Due to this constant abuse I tried committing suicide in the 7th grade. She recommended I do so and gave me the tools to carry it out. Thankfully I had my Church Family to support & care for me. They saved me!

Please if you agree for my daughter, my princess, to come home sign your name!  If you witnessed the horrors of my upbrining, and you know or remember please sign this petition. I would really appreciate it thank you!

I would love to have my daughter home before her 7th birthday. I don't want her to indure any of the pain that this woman has caused me. 

99 have signed. Let’s get to 100!