Allowing all victims court room support dogs

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Allowing all victims court room support dogs is a must! I personally have utilized a court room support dog in trial against my attacker and having Preston (k9 advocate) by my side, made the entire experience much more tolerable. Anyone who has been a vicitim of assault knows how traumatizing the event is but nobody talks about being questioned on the stand in a room full of strangers and the monster, having to relive the event over and over again! Currently there is law stating that children and devolopementally disabled adults are allowed to use support animals in court, but does not state that 'fully able' adults can or can not utilize them. My case which my assailant was found guilty and sentenced to prison, is currently in jeopardy of being overturned due to the use of a support animal because I "was not traumatized enough" according to an appellate judge. Who is a complete stranger, to judge if someone else is traumatized "enough"??


Please help me change the law to include, not only children and special needs adults, but every vicitim who reaches out and wishes to have a support animal!

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